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Summer of '21

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Ten Sunsets From My Studio Window

April 28th July 6th July 8th July 21st July 31st

August 1st August 2nd August 4th August 17th August 18th

Oceans and Tides

Chaos Reigned Another Rendezvous Cormorant Rock A Delicate Web   Rolling Waves

Close to the Edge Gathering Speed Fugitive

Master Copies

Pears after Cezanne Caribbean Rooster after Lam Locomotive After Monet On the Beach after Picasso   Nighthawks after Hopper

Sister Melody Prays for the Wicked Dutch Boats in a Gale Le Tub, Degas

Driven to Abstraction

Counterpoint Drought Reunited II Precesely on the Hour The Golden Palace

Death of Sardanapalus       The Encounter

Two Weeks in Japan

An Observer  Diabutsu, Kamakura Hiroshima Torri of Peace  Yoyogi Park in Yellow

Kinkaku-ji Nikko River Stone Budhhas                                          

Pale Blue Dot

Cow on Hill, Bhutan Ice Floe, Iceland   Golden Gardens, Seattle Washington, USA  Patience  Market Street, San Francisco, CA, USA  Tiger's Nest, Bhutan

Southern Alps, New Zealand  Long Leaf Pine Nature Conservancy   Harmony Lake  Nature Concervancy, Florida, USA

Geyser, Iceland Road to Thimpu Snowy Road   Lake Myvatn, Iceland Rice Fields

Seljalandsfoss, Iceland Old Gods, Iceland Gjain Gorge, Iceland Dettifoss, Iceland University Bridge 

Skogafoss, Iceland Giverny, France Jackson Hole, Wyoming The Sphere, New York    

The Wayward Pendulum

Train to Greymouth Journey's End  Arrival Subjects of Converrsation Reveal Perfectly Still

Adventurous Spirit The Wayward Pendulum Reunited Midnight Tentative Itinerary

Paris in Pencil

Louvre Warrior   Louvre Spiral Stair Musee D'Orsay Arches The Thinker  D'Orsay Hall  Winged Victory

Bricks and Stone



Death and All His Friends T.Rex Stalking  T.Rex Foot

Toy Stories

Damn Cow Fish Story Dark Secrets Midnight in Manhattan Track 49

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